CLEAN UP your Social Media

15 February 2021

Whether you are managing 1 social media account or 20, it is important to keep your profiles up to date, from profile pictures to passwords.

Review Access

To keep the channels you manage secure, it is important to regularly review the access people have to pages. One of the easiest ways to check is in Facebook’s ‘Page Roles’ section, where you can remove former staff or add new staff. The fewer people with access, the more control you can have over the content on your page. Also, regularly updating passwords for twitter, YouTube or Instagram accounts helps you keep your accounts secure and manage who has access.

Organise Your Following

Particularly on Instagram on twitter, spam accounts can cheapen a brand profile with unnecessary and irrelevant comments. For accounts with a large following it is difficult to sort through, however it is worth taking the time to review your followers and block any spam or fake accounts that could be hurting your brand.


It is hugely important to regularly review all links you use to and from your social media channels. Double check the links on your website you use to direct users to your social media channels, as well as the links you use in your Instagram and twitter bios, LinkedIn and Facebook. Helpful tools like Linktree allow you to share multiple URLs from one link in your Instagram bio, perfect for companies sharing news updated, multiple products or blog posts.

Update Images

Your social media platform can be the first port of call for potential new customers so you want it looking FRESH! Regularly updating your profile pictures, banners or pinned content can keep your profile fresh and engaging. Halloween, Christmas, Easter and New Year are the perfect excuse for some seasonal profile pictures!


When reviewing your own social media, it is great to take a look at your competitors as well. This can help you pick up some ideas for styling your profiles or creating content that you could include in your review and social media plan.