From the 25thof May 2018 UK companies will come under a new set of data protection laws: The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

The GDPR places more control into the hands of users, and this being the case reflexblue have implemented significant changes and processes to ensure all obligations are fulfilled to meet the rights of citizens. All staff at the company have underwent an initial GDPR briefing to ensure complete awareness and understanding of the incoming legislation.

New processes and frameworks have also been implemented across the company that ensure full legal compliance and complete protection of the data held on individuals.

Under the GDPR the rights of citizens regarding the use of their personal data have been strengthened and reflexblue have responded appropriately to ensure these rights are acknowledged and honoured.


  • It is now easier than ever for individuals to access the data that is held on them, this being so reflexblue have implemented new processes than ensure safe and quick data handling and transferring when a request is filed by an individual.


  • Similarly, it is now easier for individuals to ask for data held on them to be deleted, therefore reflexblue have introduced new, simpler process for handling these sorts of requests from the public.

reflexblue has taken appropriate measures to ensure full compliance with the new regulations that UK companies face, this being so, reflexblue expects all companies with which they deal with to publicly express their commitment to the GDPR.