How to create a killer email campaign!

13 July 2018

Since you clicked through to this article, you must be thinking…what is a killer email campaign? What’s more, you’re probably wondering – why are we writing about it?  Well, the answer is it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools. But that’s not all, we’ll share our secret five golden email marketing rules that will help you and any marketer to create that perfect, successful and creative email campaign!

So why do we think email is an excellent marketing tool? Well, the statistics say it all;

  • Email has an average ROI of 122% which is over 4x higher than any other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search! (DMA and Demand Metric)
  • According to Mailgen 2017, 89% of marketers believes that email was their primary channel for lead generation.
  • Segmented emails generated 18 times more revenue than ordinary emails broadcasted to the wide audience (Radicati Group)

And if these stats don’t convince you then you should know that 86% of business professionals use email as a main communication channel!

Enough of these boring email statistics. At reflexblue we believe that it’s crucial to understand the difference between great content and design. These are inseparable parts of your email message and they can create synergy if you use them correctly. Have a look at some of the most effective email marketing of 2017!

Since you made it this far let’s share our five golden rules for a killer email campaign;

  1. Boring and irrelevant content?
    That’s right, no one want to read lots of text which isn’t up to date or relevant to them. Make sure that the message in your email is simple and interesting. Don’t try to say too much as you’ll miss the opportunity to ignite customers’ curiosity and they’ll be less likely to click through to your website or respond to your message.
  2. The more the better?
    Actually, that’s not necessarily true. If you start sending emails to your customers day after day you’ll more likely irritate them. Also, using databases with thousands of names might sound good, but to generate the best response make sure you’re segmenting your databases so you can target different demographics or behavioural features.
  3. It’s only a subject line?
    The subject line is probably the most important part of your email. Don’t expose all the details at once – be short and sweet and use keywords such as ‘urgent’, ‘last chance’ or ‘just for you’. If you can, personalise the subject and name the person on the other side of the screen, you’ll see that your open rates will increase. Don’t be afraid to use relevant emojis to a younger target audience, they really love them and they’ll definitely be intrigued by your message. Remember, the subject line gives the first impression and based on the subject, customers will judge whether they would like to read or delete it!
  4. Content is more important than design?
    We can all agree that content plays an important part of any email campaign. However, it’s important to create an engaging design that will be interactive and colourful. Depending on the message you can use red, yellow and orange colours that stand for excitement, optimism and friendliness. You can also go into a purple or blue colour palette, which reflects on your creativity and trust. Green and grey shades would indicate peace and balance so the choice is yours! But remember to stick to one consistent theme and keep content as visible and easy to read as possible.
  5. Email does it all?
    No! Customers are getting bombarded with messages and, believe us, they have a very short term memory, especially when it comes to ads and promotions. You need to integrate your message into your other channels and send a clear reminder to the customers or businesses about your brand and products via different promotional tools such as SMS, Social Media or website. Don’t forget to follow up and keep your existing customers happy! Send them ‘Thank You’ or ‘Happy birthday’ email – they will surely appreciate it and stay loyal to you!

Now you know our 5 golden rules of creating a Killer Email Marketing Campaign.

Tell us what you think and feel free to share your thoughts or maybe some other brilliant examples of recent emails you have seen!