New Guy, Gav.

24 March 2017

We are delighted to announce that we have a new designer in the studio, Gavin.

Gav recently graduated with a degree in Communication Design from Glasgow School of Art and is a very talented photographer. You can have a look at his portfolio here.

As it was #WorldPoetryDay this week, we had a competition for the best reflexblue inspired poem and would you believe it, New Guy Gav won. (Sorry Gill).

We’re slightly concerned he had so much time on his hands to come up with such a masterpiece during working hours… however it did bring a tear to our eyes so he’s excused.

Welcome to the team Gavin!

My name is Gavin and I am new here
On my first day I was overwhelmed with fear
A new endeavour, new colleagues to meet
Some big shoes to fill, maybe too big for my feet

I entered reflexblue with a grin on my face
Hiding my concerns over the challenging pace
Escorted to my desk in the room around the bend
I was to use Steph’s Mac, a valuable lend

To my left I had David, to my right I had Ricki
Their friendly personas made it all seem less tricky
Given my duties almost straight away
Before I knew it I had finished my first day

Hours flew by, then days and now weeks
Each day I feel challenged to reach higher peaks
I know all the gang now, what a mad bunch they are
From lunch time banter.. sometimes taking it too far

In the design room is where I now lurk
Pestering Scott and Craig to give me more work
Doing what I can to exceed expectations
So I can leave on time to get to the station!

I’m not so new here, at least not anymore
My face is familiar when I walk through the door
Everyone knows what I have in my coffee and tea
It would seem reflexblue is the right place for me