READ OR DELETE? How to catch attention in email campaigns!

20 November 2020

Capturing attention in an email inbox among piles of newsletters, special offers and Just Eat vouchers is one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing. Here are reflexblue’s 5 TIPS to grab attention and clickthrough in an email campaign.


No longer just for use in texts and social media posts, use emojis in your subject lines to stand out from other marketers in a busy email inbox. Whether you are promoting new homes for sale, food and drinks or holidays, there is an emoji out there for you to use.

Subject Lines

Subject lines aren’t just about emojis, the text is what really counts, by offering exclusivity or incentives in your email subject lines. How many times have your received “An offer just for you” in your email inbox? It’s hard not to click and you can adapt the tone and incentive to match your business and your customers.

Keep it Brief

When people are reading emails, they don’t want to have to scroll and scroll just to find the news or offer you promised in the subject. Keep your text short but impactful by hitting the key areas you want to communicate. For example, rather then flooding an email with text, tease your latest news item and link it to your website’s blog.

Mix Things Up

Don’t be complacent with your email marketing. Constantly be trying new ways of formatting your emails, new styles, different images and different content to see what your audience loves the most.

Understand Your Audience

Whatever tool you use to create your email campaigns there will be some form of analytics tool and you can use this to understand your audience. This understanding makes you better able to write email copy, select images, write subject lines and even the time you send your emails. The more you understand your audience, the better your content will perform.