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16 March 2020

In these unprecedented times we thought it would be useful for you to know how we are planning to tackle the challenge posed by COVID-19.

Companies who operate in the digital industry will become vital channels of communication in the coming weeks and maybe months for both commercial and non-commercial reasons so it is prudent our emergency action plans are stress tested.

We can report that we carried out a rigorous real time rehearsal last week and even if we (as a last resort) decide to work from home, we can continue uninterrupted thanks to our cloud based server as well as Microsoft Teams, Skype,, Function Fox and our good old fashioned ‘keep calm and carry on’ British spirit.


reflexblue coronavirus blog podcast image

Furthermore, we have an abundance of ideas how we can help companies keep going during this difficult period. For example we have a fully functional Podcast studio which you can see more of at

Podcasts are a growing communication channel in the UK with an average of 6.5 million adults (12% of the UK population) listening to a podcast per week. This audience is only going to grow exponentially over the coming weeks as people reach out for entertainment or information from the safety of their phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Our Podcast Room can be accessed remotely and we can guide interested parties through the process.


We also have a white label communication platform called Our Community Hub.

This platform was designed to keep communities connected and has many useful features including an ability to post outgoing messages to all users. Our Community Hub is a brand new product which has taken 6 years of development to get it to market and the best example of its capability and functionality is

Shrews Hub is a version of the product based around Shrewsbury Town Football Club, but the localised communication principles are the same. We have attached a briefing document here that provides a detailed overview of the product’s capability and as it is fully tested and approved by Apple and Google we can get it up and running very quickly.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you please click here to get in touch.


Finally, we will, as always and where appropriate, be recommending and assisting our network of business partners and clients wherever possible.

Regards, Colin.