Track and Trace from reflexblue

30 July 2020

As businesses including cafes, bars and restaurants begin to open their doors, reflexblue have developed a branded registering system for our client M&D’s Scotland’s Theme Park, which we can adapt to meet the needs of any business.

Using a unique QR code, customers are sent to a branded survey to register their details for the NHS Track and Trace system, freeing up staff members’ time, meaning they are better able to serve customers, handle orders etc. There is also an ‘expected departure time’ section, which allows businesses to update incoming customers on the potential availability of tables throughout the day. An added tick box at the end can also allow businesses to gather GDPR-compliant marketing data for new or returning customers.

View the version we’ve created for M&D’s Scotland’s Theme Park here.

Jensen Taylor Connelly, of M&D’s Scotland’s Theme Park, said, “This system massively improved the experience of our customers, and the estimated departure time allows us to more accurately predict the availability of spaces and tables throughout our day.”

If you would like to introduce this system to your business, or discuss how reflexblue could help any digital, creative or social aspect of your business, get in touch!