Turning social media into sales

29 November 2019
From houses to theme park tickets, we have been working to make our clients’ social media more engaging, more dynamic and generate more results. Through a mix of organic... more >

How to create a killer email campaign!

13 July 2018
Since you clicked through to this article, you must be thinking…what is a killer email campaign? What’s more, you’re probably wondering – why are we writing about it?  Well,... more >

What does the GDPR mean for your business?

16 May 2018
With many businesses focussing on the implications of Brexit and the uncertainty surrounding it, preparing for the GDPR is falling somewhat under the radar and many businesses are unlikely... more >

How are reflexblue preparing for GDPR?

11 May 2018
reflexblue has developed a unique four-point approach to prepare for the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018. This approach can be adopted by other businesses as a basis... more >

reflexblue care about your data, and you should too

9 May 2018
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU-wide overhaul of data protection legislation which places more control and powers into the hands of citizens like you. As citizens... more >